Fun things to do in Maine

Sunday September 14

In Maine, the many fun things to do are going on every season all the time. From revving up your engines on an ATV to blissfully paddling on secluded waterways in a canoe to zip lining through a lush tree-lined canopy; Maine has it and more!

When you are 4 wheeling in Maine you must “stay on marked ATV trails.” There are so many challenging and scenic trails in Maine, that this is truly no limitation at all. Many places offer cabins and lodging that you can leave directly from on your ATV. From guided trail rides to wilderness riding and fishing expeditions, ATVing is just one of many fun things to do in the state of Maine.
If a quieter experience is more what you are looking for, Maine’s waterways can most certainly provide it – from peaceful streams to pounding rapids, Maine has amazing rivers perfect for one day or multi-day canoe trips. You can take the same route Henry David Thoreau took from the white sand beaches of Lobster Lake to the rapids on the Allagash River. All while seeing moose, deer, and eagles along the way.
If flying through the air with the greatest of ease is more your taste for adventure, check out some of the zip lining outfits in the state of Maine. Ziplining is a fun thing to do in Maine that everyone can enjoy. It’s the perfect way to experience that adrenaline rush, maximize your enjoyment, and create some wonderful family memories.

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