Myrtle Beach South Carolina- Not the Home of Moaning Myrtle

Wednesday April 09

Moaning Myrtle of Harry Potter fame would have little to moan about if she were at Myrtle Beach. You can go parasailing, ride a banana boat or fun cycle and have a great time on the water. You have to remember to wear sun block though as it is really hot here in summer, and getting burned would spoil some of your vacation. You can hire a pontoon boat, Jet skis and Jet boats or take a tour and explore the Waccamaw River, and take trip on a Riverboat to understand how it felt in the days when transportation was more leisurely. You can also have a boating adventure on a Barracuda Jet Boat. Boating and water sports are some of the primary fun things to do in Myrtle Beach.

You can play laser tag here and in nearby Charleston as well as have a helicopter ride, go parasailing, surf or go snorkeling. Playing laser tag is a great way of meeting new people and making new friends as you bend and twist to get away from that zapping beam. Who knows, you might make a life-long friend while playing laser tag at Myrtle Beach this year.

You can pay Boone Hall a visit and see a working plantation, which was an integral part of the history of the USA. See how the plantation owners lived and the huts where slaves had to live. Such plantations are reminders of the cruelty with which the people who are now African-Americans were treated by the white majority.

You could also take a historical trip to Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie which are located quite close to Myrtle Beach, and there’s also the Charles Pinckney National Historic site. Who? I hear you ask. Charles Pinckney is the “forgotten founder” one of the men who helped to develop the US Constitution, but who has long been forgotten.

There are many different things to do at Myrtle Beach apart from watersports. Why not come and explore some of the many fun things Myrtle Beach offers?

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