New Hampshire

Fun things to do in New Hampshire

Monday September 22

Cave exploration is just one of the many fun things to do in New Hampshire. One of the most popular places to explore them is the Polar Caves. The Polar Caves were formed approximately 50,000 years ago when the third continental glacier descended over the New Hampshire White Mountains. When the glacier retreated, it left behind amazing tunnels, interior caves, and passageways for exploration. There is even a rock garden and several nature trails which course through the caves. 






Hiring a chartered boat in New Hampshire gives several different fun things to do in New Hampshire. Deep sea fishing, scuba diving, and sightseeing tours abound along the New England coast. You can have a private trip, an old fashioned lobster bake, watch whales, and even explore the deep recesses of the ocean from aboard a charter boat.
For the land-lubber, there is the action-packed adrenalin thrill of paintballing as a fun thing to do in New Hampshire. The natural beauty of the staging areas in the mountains and valleys of New Hampshire gives plenty of opportunity to hunt and be hunted all while enjoying the fast-paced excitement of paintballing. New Hampshire is a fantastic place to find fun things to do.

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