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Horseback Riding Locations in New York

Saturday October 25

While most folks think of the urban skyline of Manhattan when they first think of New York, there’s much more to the state than just New York City. Particularly, in the upstate area of the state which contains lakes, national parks, rivers, and even the Adirondack mountain range. What could be more fun than gettng to know the “other” geography of New York from atop a horse on a scenic trail ride or private lesson? 

 There are many different horseback riding locations and companies in the state of New York. Some offer an authentic dude ranch experience, beautiful trail rides, pony rides, camps, petting farms, and private lessons. There is always something on offer for the entire family to enjoy. Especially when you include horseback riding as an activity.
The state of New York actually lies upon the portion of the Appalachian Mountains system where the mountains actually assume the character of hills. From there, they sink to the level of the lowlands which surrounds the great depression filled by Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. There’s even a portion which is a continuation of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The tallest mountain peaks are 1,000 to 1,700 feet above sea level. The igneous rocks which make up these mountains are rough, rocky, precipitious, and unfit for cultivation. However, for trail-riding and enjoying some spectacular scenery, they cannot be beaten.
So, why not check out all the horseback riding options and locations in New York. There are many places with knowledgeable, well-trained guides, and calmly experienced horses who will take good care of you. You can enjoy a leisurely, pleasant ride on scenic acres of land, challenge yourself to the cowboy lifestyle on a dude ranch, or enjoy some mountain vistas from atop your own animal. 
Many places offer picnic areas, so you can make a family day out of your trail ride. You can easily bring a sack lunch, enjoy and savor your food under the branches of a willow tree as you watch animals play and guided rides come in and go out of the stable. Most places allow folks to stop by anytime to visit, check out the facilities, or book a guided trail ride or private lesson. Making a reservation is really the main way to ensure you will get out on those happy trails when you want to.   Upstate New York is just beckoning for you to explore it, so, why not saddle up and giddyap?

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