North Carolina

Zipline in North Carolina

Wednesday July 23


Most people don’t think of ziplining as the first thing to do for fun in North Carolina. However, with both the Blue Ridge mountains and the Appalachian Mountains in this sub-tropical state, ziplining is the perfect thing to do when visiting North Carolina. Just picture yourself sailing high above the canopy of mountains and trees as you smell the clean air and check out what’s below with an eagle eye view. Can’t you just see it?
There are a number of courses available to try out in North Carolina. Plus, with the mild climate and year-round availability, there’s really no excuse to not try ziplining in the pleasant state of North Carolina. It’s a completely unique way to experience the wild life of North Carolina, get an adrenalin fix, and see things from an unusual perspective.   There are a few weight restrictions, but no age limits. Participants must weigh at least 50 pounds and no more than 270 pounds to zipline safely. Closed toed shoes, long pants or long shorts, rain gear (in wet weather), long hair tied back, and absolutely no dangly jewelry are all you need to wear. Then, the fun can begin.
Who hasn’t had a fantasy about flying through the air with the greatest of ease? In North Carolina, you can enjoy pristine beaches and ocean waves in addition to taking in the Blue Ridge Mountains or Appalachian Mountain ranges from a ziplining adventure. All ziplines are regularly inspected for safety and once you’re secured in your harness and ready to go, the adventure is all up to you and under your control. So, y’all c’mon down to North Carolina for some ziplining fun to enhance your favorite vacation spot.

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