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Fun things to do in Ohio

There’s so much more to Ohio than King’s Island or Cedar Pointe. Come and see for yourself what the Buckeye state can offer in terms of relaxation, recreation, and good ole-fashioned outdoor fun..... Continue reading..

Helicopter Rides in Ohio

Broaden your horizons and your travel experience by taking a helicopter ride in Ohio..... Continue reading..

Fun Things to do in Ohio

Every year Ohio has fresh, new, unique travel experiences on offer just waiting to be taken advantage by you and your family. .... Continue reading..

Best Bungee jumping locations in the USA

The United States is home to several prime bungee jumping sites where adrenalin junkies can easily enjoy the adventure of falling off an apparatus or bridge while secured by safety harnesses. .... Continue reading..

Parasailing in Ohio

Can’t get to Florida or to the Atlantic or Pacific coast? Try Put- in- Bay, Ohio--- aka “Key West of the North.” Put- in - Bay is on South Bass Island, one of the island gems tucked into Lake Erie not far from Sandusky, Ohio.... Continue reading..

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