Fun things to do in Ohio

Thursday August 07


There’s so much more to Ohio than King’s Island or Cedar Pointe. Come and see for yourself what the Buckeye state can offer in terms of relaxation, recreation, and good ole-fashioned outdoor fun. Its many rivers and streams offer boundless opportunities to camp, hike, and explore.
Ohio is bordered to the south by the Ohio River and to the north by Lake Erie which happens to give Ohio 312 miles of coastline and seaports. Much of the state consistes of glaciated plains with an exceptionally flat area in the northwest known as the Great Black Swamp. The unglaciated Allegheny Plateau features rugged hills and forests. With its Great Miami River, the Cuyahoga River, and many other rivers and valleys, it’s the perfect place to explore riverlife, do some fishing, or even kayak or canoe. 
One of the largest state parks with many outdoor recreational opportunities is the state park in Clinton County. This 7,000 acre park covers 700 acres of water, 1,000 acres of beach, four miles of hiking trails, and even a mile of mountain bike trails. There are 27 family cabins available year-round for fantastic family getaways. There are also campsites with electricity and swimming, hiking, sailing, fishing, and hunting are available at this quiet reserve. There are many more outdoor adventures to be had in Ohio, check to see for yourself.

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