Bote Paddleboards

Thursday August 28


Bote Paddleboards are the true intersection where both function and form unite to create the ultimate paddleboarding technology for your enjoyment.   The Bote Paddleboards are designed specifically with fishermen in mind. It’s a brand new stand-up paddle board which will redefine the way that people can and will use their paddleboards. Part of it is with a new level of versatility with the addition of its unique leaning post. Bote paddleboards are the most high-tech, high-quality stand-up paddle board on the market today. Whatever your favorite water recreation way is to use a paddleboard, a Bote paddleboard can customize your board to make your experience even more enjoyable and long-lasting.
Bote paddleboards are designed with the latest high quality epoxy resin construction and a state of the art fiberglass skin. With its removable leaning post, you can stay out on the water longer and more comfortably. Not only does the leaning post allow the paddle boarder to lean back for greater stability and comfort, but it is also equipped with a paddle clip, hooks for hanging items you might need like a backpack or satchel, and even some rod holders. When you are using a Bote paddleboard, you have one of the best boards around. You can even have the included backrest receivers custom fit for paddleboard rider’s weight and height. Whatever your paddleboard purposes, Bote paddleboards can fit those purposes quickly, easily, and in a comfortable way so that you can completely relax and enjoy the water. Why not rent or purchase a Bote paddleboard and get paddling right away?

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