Paintball FAQs

Paintball FAQs

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Important Dates In Paintball

•In 1982 Charles Gaines marketed paintball as the National Survival Game. Sports Illustrated did a write up on it and the media began to pick up the novelty of the sport as well.

•In 1983 the first NSG National Championship was held with a cash award of $14,000 for the winning team. For the first time in Toronto, Canada scores of outdoor fields opened! .

• In 1984 Caleb Strong opened up the first indoor playing field in Buffalo New York. Within the next two year, paintball also caught on as an extreme sport with national leagues in Australia (under the name of Skirmish Games) and England (under the moniker The Ultimate Challenge.)

• The IPPA (International Paintball Players Association) was founded in 1988 as a non-profit association dedicated to the education, growth and safety of the sport of paintball.Paintball took off in Europe and other countries in 1991.

• In 1992 the NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) was formed and the NPPL Pro-Am Tournament Series in Reno, New York, Boston, and other major cities in the United States in Canada.

• The NPPL "DC CUP" was aired live on ESPN in 1993. The sport was also introduced to the web via as the world's first internet paintball sight.

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