Paintball Tips

Paintball Tips

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Paintball Strategy

Study the paintball team you are opposing. Understanding the competitors strengths and weaknesses will give you a paintball tactical edge.

For example, you can group up and target the stronger players at the beginning of the paintball match while you have numbers. Then later you can pick off the weaker players individually. Or if your trying to overtake some real estate. You can choose the side or area with the weaker paintball players.

Paintball Strategies -Move Into Position

In paintball the match is won or lost by gaining some sort of advantage. Strategies that include a lot of movement typically gain a paintball advantage. Don’t get me wrong, if you have a fortified position, then hang on to it. However, if all else fails, shot and move around to gain a better position.

If you manage to get to a better position, don't give your position away by standing up and blasting away. This will quickly give your position away and greatly hurt your paintball team. Take a peak to better understand your battle field. There may be a few targets, or there may be an even better position (or bunker) in your grasp.

Another Great Paintball Tip - Pinching

"Pinching" is a very effective paintball strategy. In a nutshell, pinching is where you attack from both sides of the enemies fortified bunker. You may not actually eliminate the player on the spot, but they may be forced to flee. This gives you a better opportunity to eliminate them later. Paintball tactics that incorporate pinching are very effective when done properly.

Paintball Strategy Tip - Make Your First Shot Count

On your first paintball shot, take the time to aim and then shoot. If your first shot misses, fire more backup shots quickly. Shoot in bursts because not every paintball will break when your paintball target is hit. Then retreat into a protected position. Fire at anything that may be sticking out or exposed. That includes the gun, hopper, feet, visors, etc.

Advanced Paintball Tips

Practice firing your paintball gun while on the move. This is more difficult than it sounds, but it's a very effective means of protecting yourself and also eliminating your paintball opponents as well. Keep your gun as level as possible. I’ve found that being in a slight crouch and running a bit slower than usual will make your shots more accurate. Set up a target at varying distances and run side to side trying to hit the target.

Also, lead your paintball opponents while they are running. Paintballs are not as fast as bullets so allow your opponent move into the path of your paintballs.

Paintball Strategies - Terrain

Look for advantages throughout the entire paintball terrain. Look for dips, hills and trees. At the base of a hill, slowly climb up at a crouch. As you near the crest, peek over and take a quick look and then fall on your stomach for protection. This way you get a good look to see what targets are available on the other side of the hill.

If you are protecting your paintball team flag and there are trees, look for trees that give you good protection and allow for movement. Try sitting in the tree and surprise a few opponents. However, you better eliminate everyone approaching or you will be a sitting duck in the tree.

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