Æ’ United States Paintball Association


United States Paintball Association

The United States Paintball Association incorporated the National Professional Paintball League trademarks in 2008..... Continue reading..

Paintball in New Jersey

Paintball is played at both commercial venues, which require paid admission, and private land.... Continue reading..

Paintball Safety

Playing safe is important in any paintball activity..... Continue reading..

How to Play With a Paintball Gun Safely

A paint ball gun is something that just about anyone can have fun with. This is used in a sport that has grown into a huge success over the last few years..... Continue reading..

Paintball in Florida

Florida offers a variety of terrain in comfortable wide open spaces to challenge even the most adventuresome of paintballers..... Continue reading..

Indoor Paintball Arenas

Many indoor venues have more than one field. Typically, there is an area of sports turf, complete with man-made obstacles and outposts, outlined with paintball netting. .... Continue reading..

Laser Tag Safety

Generally speaking, laser tag is a pretty safe activity. It doesn’t actually involve the use of real lasers, but playing laser tag may pose some hazards. .... Continue reading..

Paintball Competitions

Many leagues are regional and more than a dozen paintball leagues exist in the U.S. alone. .... Continue reading..

Paintball History

The actual concept of paintball as a game was developed by Haes Noel, Charles Gaines, and Bob Gumsey as a stalking game which they could play with their friends..... Continue reading..

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