Laser Tag Safety

Saturday July 19

Generally speaking, laser tag is a pretty safe activity. It doesn’t actually involve the use of real lasers, but playing laser tag may pose some hazards. For example in the home or an arena, players may accidentally run into obstacles, other players, or walls. In an outdoor laser tag park or wooded area, natural elements may prove threatening. To stay safe while playing laser tag, it simply requires some common sense and advance planning.

Suiting up for safety is one of the primary elements for playing laser tag safely.   Use your own good judgement and the laser tag facility guidelines to pick clothes that give good protection. Close-toed shoes are a must. As is breathable, comfortable clothing which covers arms and legs.   If playing outside, be sure to bring the right weather-proof articles of clothing, insect repellant, sunscreen, and water to drink. 
Taking good care of your laser tag equipment is also part of basic laser tag safety.   Be sure to use safety skins for the laser gun noses or power pack sensors.   You can easily obtain these from any reputable laser tag equipment manufacturer or supplier. When not firing, be sure to keep your safety strap in place around your wrist during the laser tag game. This prevents accidental damage to your weapon and makes it easy to retrieve your weapon if you happen to drop it.
Make sure your laser tag equipment is high-quality and well-built. This reduces the risk of breakage or unnecessary malfunctions. Be sure to check and follow your manufacturer’s guidelines for possible equipment hazards. Also, be sure to know where the first aid kit or Medic box is. That way, if any unexpected event or injury occurs, you will know exactly where to go. Laser Tag is a fun and enjoyable activity for the whole family when you follow basic safety guidelines. Using good common safety sense means spending more time playing laser tag, rather than dealing with unexpected accidents or injuries.

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