Paintball Competitions

Saturday August 30

When the first paintball field opened for business in upstate New York in 1982, it wasn’t much long after that that a $14,000.00 cash prize was given to the winning team in the first National Survival Game championship. Paintball’s popularity has only continued to rise since that time with a wide variety of paintball leagues and tournaments available for many different level of player.

Many leagues are regional and more than a dozen paintball leagues exist in the U.S. alone. Some are professional or semi-professional, while many others cater to the needs of amateur players. There are numerous resources available online and if you are interested in joining any type of paintball organization, you might want to take the time to find the one which may be best suited for your particular skill level, location, and type of play before formally joining.
With the number of leagues and different states of play, there can be many different standards for Paintball tournaments, matches, and player qualifications. Everything from the equipment players are permitted to use right on down to the number of players on each sides’ team can be completely different and unique. Typically, paintball tournament matches will have a referee who has the final say over any rulings or disputes. Some standard rules are that there can be no modification of the playing terrain by moving objects or cover, walkie talkies or mobile phones are usually forbidden as a form of tournament communication. Tournament restrictions can be far more rigid than the paintball requirements for casual play. Even though Paintball is not as mainstream as many other popular sports, there are still ample opportunities for competitive development and play.

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