United States Paintball Association

Tuesday September 09


The United States Paintball Association incorporated the National Professional Paintball League trademarks in 2008. Although, its been around for longer than that. The USPA is now the premiere organized paintball association for the entire United States with tournaments, leagues, players, sponsors, prizes, and games all across the U.S. This organizing body governs every aspect of professional Paintball play from field dimensions, rules and regulations, referee qualifications, to proper equipment.
Paintball is what happens when you combine the game of capture the flag with chess, hide-n-seek, adrenaline, and paintballs. It’s a challenging and fast-paced sport which can have as few as two or as many as eighty players. The basic game has two teams; each with their own flag station and matching colors. When the starting signal is given, each team tries to reach the other team’s station, grab the flag, and run back to its own station -- all while firing paintballs at each other. If the player carrying the flag is tagged, they must immediately drop the flag on the spot and leave the match.
Playing fields and bunkers can vary and games typically have a 20 minute time limit. Although most professional play occurs 50 minute increments. The basic equipment needed for play is: paintball safety goggles and face mask; proper clothing such as camouflage jacket and pants, or old blue jeans and a jacket; extra paint tubes with paintballs and the passion to run around and have a great game! While the USPA can’t ensure your game, they can help you “up” your level of play and, maybe, even earn some prize money.

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