Charleston Women Parasails At The Age Of 96

Tuesday July 08

In a few months Pauline Sherman will turn 97. Pauline has never driven a car and has only been on a boat one other time in her life. Today, from almost 1,000 feet in the air, she received a view of a lifetime. 

It’s very unlikely a 96 year old will go parasailing, not to mention for the first time.   To the people who know her best, this is just an exclamation point to Ms. Sherman’s unique character. “She is such a phenomenal person. Pauline is an inspiration to everyone she meets.” said her granddaughter Regina Ford.
While she amazes her family every day, she thanks her doctor for her incredible ride. “She went for a check-up and her physician said she is 96 and in perfect health. If she was going to die she needed to invent something to die from,” said Ford.
“The doctor thought I would need to create something, because he couldn’t find anything wrong with me.” joked Sherman.
Seeing that as a challenge and with the help of her family, 96 year old Pauline decided to try an adventure in Charleston, South Carolina
There’s seventy nine years between Pauline and her great Grand Daughter Hilary. But that did not stop Hilary from discovering an adventure they both could do together. “I was very surprised, I expected her to back out. She was a great sport about the entire parasailing adventure,” Hilary said.
Parasailing wasn’t only one thing she scratched off her bucket list. In addition, Pauline drove the parasailing boat back through the marina. She steered the group back to the harbor safely and is ready to return to her more familiar activities, like knitting and crocheting. 
Pauline wanted us to thank Tidal Wave Water Sports for the adventure of a lifetime! 

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