Parasailing in Oregon

Sunday July 13

With the popularity of Parasailing increasing and its safety improved, there’s no excuse to skip Parasailing no matter where you choose to relax and unwind. Parasailing began as a cheap way to teach parachuters how to parachute. From there, the sport went further out to sea where raising the parasails was done from the shore and from specially made platforms at the water’s edge. Nowadays, it can be done from a variety of launchpoints over many types of scenery and beauty.

 When you choose parasailing in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, you are opening up to several different ways of enjoying parasailing and experiencing the scenic beauty which only Oregon can offer. Oregon has a diverse landscape which includes the Pacific ocean coastline, the volcanoes of the Cascade Mountain Range, lots of tall Douglas fir trees and redwoods, plus the pristine setting of Crater Lake National Park. All of which can be taken in with the exhilaration of parasailing safely through the air. Just imagine yourself breathing in the salty sea-air while also being able to see the fantastic treeline.
The companies available in Oregon offer single, double, and triple parasailing rides. All done with the safety of a qualified instructor experienced in both the sport and the terrain. All you will need to do is strap on your safety harness and be able to hold onto to the parasail to get ready to launch. Feel yourself flying away and enjoying the thrill of a birds-eye view of some of the best forests and cleanest Pacific oceanfront areas in the entire United States. Many places will allow cameras and video-recorders in the air, or can provide this service. Be sure to check as you won’t want to neglect this aspect of your unforgettable flight. Oregon is a fantastic way to get the adrenalin pumping with the sport of parasailing.

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