Wicen's Shooting Range

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Wicens Shooting Range
3179 Mozart Rd.



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Wicens Shooting Range
Established in 1928, Wicen's shooting range is family owned and operated. They are a public outdoor shooting range. Located in historic Bucks County, Wicen's offer an array of Sport Shooting Opportunities in a farmland setting.

Who can participate WHO
Wicen's requires children under the age of 7 (seven) are not permitted on the shooting range. You must be 18 years of age, with a range badge, or older to use the range independently. Children under age 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult who has a range badge.

Location COST

Time of Year TIME OF YEAR
Wicen's shooting range is open year around. With the exception of February. Please visit the Wicen's website for detailed hours of operation.

The fee is for a one day pass for Wicen's shooting range

Guest are welcome at Wicen's shooting range

Please checke the Wicen's website for the current weather conditions.

What to Wear WHAT TO WEAR
Wicen's range is entirely outdoors. Men and Women: Wear a hat with a brim, sturdy shoes or boots (not sandals or flip flops) , a high necked shirt (T-shirt or buttons - nothing low-cut), and bring water to stay hydrated (we provide a vending machine with Gatorade, Water, Ice Tea & soda).

Cancellation Policy CANCELLATION
Cash - we do NOT accept Credit Cards or Personal Checks.

Additional Info ADDITIONAL
Wicen's requires a photo identification is required for each adult signing in to use the range. If you do not have photo identification, you will not be allowed on the firing line. ALSO BRING YOUR RANGE SAFETY BADGE IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED ONE or you WILL be charged again!


Great experience for first-timer!

Went to Wicen's last weekend to shoot my shotgun for the first time. A friend had been there before so he showed me "the ropes". It is evident that safety is number one here. During cease fires t oreplace target, etc. they rope off the entrance to the shooting lane. Those watching the range are very infomative as are the more expereinced people there. On a Saturday morning at 10:00 there were alot of people there yet I still felt very safe. Will return for certain! - Ken J. 08/30/13


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Shooting Range Family Fun

My wife & son went to Wicen's and spent the afternoon shooting clays. What a fun time. Thanks Lori and the gang at Wicen's - The Kent Family 08/22/10
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