Race Car Driving FAQs

Race Car Driving FAQs

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How Do I Avoid Skidding?

While race car driving, the proper hand position on the steering wheel is either at the "9 and 3" or "10 and 2" position. This gives you good control of the steering wheel and makes it easy to determine when you have the front wheels pointing straight ahead. If you are trying to recover from a spin it's good to know when the wheels are pointing straight ahead because when you regain traction the car will head off into whatever direction it's pointing.

During a skid, always look where you want go next. If you're looking off the side of the road chances are you will mentally and physically steer there. If you lock the brakes you lose control of the steering. A good rule to live by is "If in doubt both feet out". This is when you don't use the gas or brake if you don't have control of the skid.

The other rule of thumb is “if you lose it and spin then both feet in” (the clutch and brake). You'll most likely will stop sooner and slide in a straight line. If you are out of control, but try to regain control (that is, regain traction) we all now what happens when traction is regained? The car takes off in whatever direction it's facing when traction is restored. Once you've lost control lock up the brakes and slide out of the way!

When Should I Brake Or Not Brake?

While race car driving, brake in a straight line. Per the previous tip on braking shifting weight to the front and away from the rear tires; plus turning transfers weight to the outside? It is ask way to much your tires to brake and turn at the same time if you're near the limit of grip.

Trail-braking is a more advanced process to help bring the back end of the race car around (over steer) in a controlled manner when entering a corner.

The most effective braking is just shy of lock up. Lock up means the wheel is no longer turning; it's skidding and it actually takes longer to stop. If the front wheels are locked they will not respond to steering inputs because they've passed their limit of grip.

What Do All The Colors Of Flags Mean?

Green - "Boogity.. Booogity... Boogity - Lets Go Racing" (GO)

Yellow - Caution. Slow down. No passing. There's a problem up ahead on the race track.

Black - Get off the track the next time you get to the pits and check in. You did a broke a rule or something is wrong with your car.

Red - Pull over and stop now, but watch out for anyone coming up behind you. There's an obstruction on the track.

Blue with a yellow strip - Someone wants to pass your race car. Play nice and let them by in the next straight away.

Where can I go to find info on Race Car Driving?

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