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Tuesday May 20

When many of us were younger, we all wanted to be Speed Racer driving the Mach Five around exotic locales with our high performance technology. When you choose to go to Race Car Driving School as an activity, you, too, can be your very own version of Speed Racer. Let’s see whats out there and how this web site can help you find the best school for your purposes.

First of all,there are a number of types of Driving Schools out there with several different ways of categorizing them. There are racing schools, autocross schools, and general high performance schools, with some functional overlap between the different types -- for example, a high performance school won't teach you some racing techniques (starts, passing in corners, etc.) but it will allow you to sample driving at the limit and refine your technique in a controlled environment. That way, you can decide which type of auto racing school is really for you.

High performance schools differ somewhat from Racing schools in that the emphasis is on basic driving technique, as opposed to racing technique. In general, high performance schools work on the "fast line" as opposed to the "racing line" (which is not exactly the same thing). They often prohibit passing in corners, and in general don't permit behavior that looks like racing. Many professional racing schools offer high performance classes in addition to race car driving skillse. Whether you want to learn high performance driving techniques, or practice actual race car driving, there is a certified and safe option out there for you.

The typical race car driving school is held at a professional race track. There will often be a series of autocross, braking & downshifting exercises with special attention on double-clutch/heel-and-toe downshifting. Some high-speed lapping sessions are combined with racing theory and advanced braking techniques. Then, there are the Race Track drills in drafting, passing & racing in the rain; double-file race starts and single-file restarts.

The high performance driving schools will use the vehicles to teach essential emergency braking, skid and slide control, proper cornering techniques and a variety of other car-control skills. The purpose of these programs is to raise awareness of all the elements that together constitute good driving. The main priniciples of vehicle dynamics are taught and then applied to skills driving activities.

Depending on which race car driving school option you go with, there will be different types of vehicles provided. Obviously, the race car driving option means driving a race-prepped and customized vehicle. In a high performance program, there will typically be a selection of passenger/street cars and, sometimes, some transport and support vehicles to choose from.

Whether you fancy yourself the next Jeff Gordon, or simply want to learn and use some high performance driving techniques, can guide you in your choice by showing what’s available in the location you desire.

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