Rock Climbing FAQs

Rock Climbing FAQs

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Where can I go to find info on rock climbing?

Your in luck! Your at the right website! has the most complete list of Rock Climbing locations in the nation. Also, your opinion counts. Please contact us back after your adventure to place a testimonial on your experience (good or bad).

Our number one goal is to help other action seeking individuals like ourselves get their FunFix. Please search our site to discover all the fun things to do while Rock Climbing.

What's the difference between rock climbing and mountaineering?

Rock climbing usually involves getting to the top of a cliff or crag. The challenge, for most rock climbers, is from getting through sections of rock that are difficult to climb. There's also the challenge of placing protection (explained below), to protect against a fall.

Mountaineering typically, involves getting to the peak of a mountain. Some mountains require extensive rock climbing skills, others require little or no rock climbing skills. Mountaineers find their challenge, and satisfaction, in handling a wide spectrum of skills and strengths to achieve their goal. Proper planning, endurance, teamwork, hiking and climbing skills, and route-finding ability, all are needed.

How can I learn to rock climb?

Most rock climbing locations listed on offer rock climbing instruction, often with volunteer instructors and at a very reasonable cost. Please take second to find a rock climbing location near you. If you know of a rock climbing facility near you that is not listed on, please email us with the info so we can update our records.

What happens if you fall while rock climbing?

While you're learning to climb, whenever you're too far off the ground to be protected by a simple hand spot, you should always have a rope tied at your waist, running to a belayer above you. The belayer takes up slack as you climb, using a technique that allows him to easily keep the rope from slipping back if you fall. Thus, If you fall, you may slip a foot or so due to slack and rope stretch, but then you can try again.

How dangerous is rock climbing?

As in all outdoor sports, there is some element of risk. If you learn how to rock climb safely, use the proper safety equipment and are carefull, the risk is minimal.

What typically causes a rock climbing accident?

Most rock climbing mishaps are typically caused by one of the following. Overconfidence, carlessness or simply bad luck.

Is rock climbing an expensive sport?

Rock climbing is cheaper than most sports. As with most adventure activities, you can spend more by getting the latest equipment and jetting off to popular climbing destinations around the globe. Most Americans live within a few hours drive of a good climbing site, and if you camp out, a climbing weekend is very economical. You'll need a harness ($40 and up, but will last for years), and some rock climbing shoes (around $125). If you're new to rock climbing, you'll probably be with a partner who has a rope and most of the other rock climbing equipment.

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