Rock Climbing Tips

Rock Climbing Tips

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Rock Climbing Safety Tips

Before starting your climbing adventure, stretch your muscles and warm up...your muscles will perform better during your climb.

Make it a point to review and read the climbing route, it will help you in positioning to make moves at the crux.

Use minimal amount of strength on your grip to steady your balance...the first to go is usually your grip so save your forearm strength!

Work on developing your sense of balance, it will help make those static and dynamic moves

Maintain your center of balance over your center of mass by keeping your body close to the wall. That will also relieve added pressure to your grip.

Remember, your legs are much stronger than your arms, use them to carry the majority of your weight, not your arms.

When shifting weight and for balancing use your arms; if you are doing moves and sequences that call for mass upper body strength move quickly through the sequence.

Dynamic movement is achieved by using momentum to peak at the dead point...The dead point is that where you grip the hold.

Your speed of climbing can be determined by mastering both static and dynamic elements which make for a fun and smooth climbing adventure!

Knowing which rock climbing techniques to combine with building the right muscles gives you, as the climber, a huge advantage!

Resting for short periods of time will help your muscles perform longer, While climbing find rest opportunities to extend your stamina.

Learn to push yourself with difficult, fun, adventurous routes. Expect to fall! Taking a fall safely will give you the courage to push yourself to the next level...

Let other good climbers help teach you, by practicing good rock climbing techniques every time you climb, your climbing skills will improve immensely!

Rock Climbing Tips and Techniques

Becoming a good rock climber can take some patience. Use these rock climbing tips to help you get started properly.

1. Think of yourself on a ladder when you rock climb, move from one hold to the next as relaxed as if you were climbing the steps of a ladder.

2. Try not to over grip holds with your hands. You will get tired quickly.

3. Trust your feet. Most often people hang on their arms and then fall off, sailing right past a monster ledge they could have put their feet on.

4. Use your feet like you would your hands.

5. Trust your belayer, and focus on rock climbing.

6. Concentrate on what is within reach. Typically you can use an intermediate hold to get to a better hold.

7. Rock climb from the bottom up. If you can see the top of the route, look to see if there is a pattern working from the goal down to where you are, but when you start to climb, focus on the climbing at the bottom of the route as you climb up.

8. Fear of heights is normal. Climbing is all about conquering those fears. Time will cure the fear of heights. A good trick is to look down no further than your feet to correctly place them on the best part of the hold.

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