Rock Climbing in Wyoming

Saturday October 18

What better place to rock climb than the state in which the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. Which state is that, you may ask? Wyoming, of course. With names like Friday the 13th and Devil’s Peak, you know that you are in for some killer climbs throughout the entire state.

The state of Wyoming is a great plateau broken by many mountain ranges. Surface elevations range from the summit of Gannett Peak in the Wind River Mountain Range, at 13,804 feet, to the Belle Fourche River valley in the state’s northeast corner, at 3,125 feet. In the northwest are the Absaroka, Owl Creek, Gros Ventre, Wind River and the Teton ranges. In the north central are the Big Horn Mountains; in the northeast, the Black Hills; and in the southern region the Laramie, Snowy and Sierra Madre ranges. From absolute beginner to professional competition climbers, there are many, many options and levels of difficulty to choose from. Small wonder that Wyoming is considered one of the most epic areas for serious climbers.

The Continental Divide spans north-south across the central portion of the state. It forks in the south central part of the state in an area known as the Great Divide Basin where the waters that flow or precipitate into this area remain there and cannot flow to any ocean. Instead, because of the overall aridity of Wyoming, water in the Great Divide Basin simply sinks into the soil or evaporates. Climbing near these waters means taking a few extra precautions, but it is truly worth it for the breathtaking scenery and fresh air.

Wyoming does have a harsh and challenging winter climate. Despite this, climbing is not out of the question during that season. Spring, summer, and fall, however provide optimal conditions -- even with the hot summer sun beating down. Be sure to check the weather conditions before starting any climb. That way, you’ll have the optimal equipment with you for a fantastic journey.

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