Æ’ Skiing and Snowboarding in New York

Ski & Snowboarding

Skiing and Snowboarding in New York

Winter sports enthusiasts are drawn to the skiing and snowboarding opportunities which Lake Placid provides..... Continue reading..

How to Find the Best Snowboarding Resort

Snowboarding has become extremely popular in the past years. In the beginning it used to be a sport practiced only by youngsters and now people of all age groups have adopted it or at least those who are in search of fun and thrill at the same time..... Continue reading..

Top Tips For Booking Your First Skiing Holiday

Essential information & advice for people looking to book their first skiing holiday. If you have not been skiing before, then you need to read our tips to make sure you book a skiing holiday that matches your requirements. .... Continue reading..

Fun Things to do in Connecticut

Funfix is your one stop shop for fun things to do in CT.... Continue reading..

Winter Park Resort the Safest Place to Ski

winter park.... Continue reading..

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