Ski & Snowboarding Tips

Ski & Snowboarding Tips

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Ski And Snowboard Health Tips

Exercise prior to skiing or snowboarding for the first time. Most injuries are due to poor physical conditioning. Pulled muscles, fatigue and even heart issues are common. To avoid dehydration, drink plenty H2O. Limit your alcohol consumption. Snowboarding and Skiing does not mix well with alcohol or drugs!

Prior To Hitting The Slopes Tips

Obtain appropriate equipment and sizes. Have your bindings tested and adjusted correctly. Most resorts offer ski and snowboarding equipment rentals and professional fittings.

Sign up for a lesson. A lesson prior to hitting the slopes will be cheaper and less painful than a trip to the hospital. A lesson from a qualified instructor will provide you with a solid base of knowledge that will allow you to get off on the right foot. A quick lesson will give you the confidence you need to enjoy all the fun things to do skiing and snowboard.

Ski & Snowbaording Weather Tips

Dress in layers. This will allow you to easily adjust your temperature on the fly. Layers also provide air pockets to store valuable heat, which allow you to dress lighter.

Be prepared. Bring a headband or hat with you to the slopes, as 60 percent of heat loss is through the head. Wear gloves or mittens

Wear sun protection. The suns reflection off the snow is stronger than you think, even on cloudy days!

Always wear eye protection. Have sunglasses and goggles with you. Skiing and snowboarding are a lot more fun when you can see.

When purchasing skiwear, look for fabrics that are water and wind-resistant. Look for wind flaps to shield zippers, snug cuffs at wrists and ankles, collars that can be snuggled up to the chin, and drawstrings that can be adjusted for comfort and keep wind out. Be sure to buy quality clothing products.

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