Winter Park Resort the Safest Place to Ski

Tuesday September 16
Skiing or snowboarding can be one of the most exciting and adventurous of all winter activities. One of the best places to take part in the thrilling pastime is Winter Park Resort in Winter Park Colorado. I had the pleasure of visiting this wonderful place last year. Unfortunately, the danger aspect of skiing got the best of me on that trip. I had an accident and broke my leg! This has prompted me, however, to bring you a unique view of Winter Park Resort by sharing my experience with their top notch, on site medical facility. Also, I’d like to share some safety tips so you can avoid missing out on the great skiing like I did.

Once my accident had happened, the experienced and professional ski patrol rushed me to the East Grand Community Clinic, located right at the base of the resort. With 6 doctors on their staff, they were able to see me right away and help with any pain and damage I was suffering very quickly. I found the care second to none, much better than I would have expected from an onsite clinic at any resort. I was in and out and on my road to recovery in no time. They surely made the best out of a bad situation for me!

How can you keep yourself from having to experience the joys of the East Grand Community Clinic? First of all, make sure all of your equipment is in working order and set correctly. Have a professional at the ski shop help set and adjust your bindings, the fit of your boots and check the length of your poles and skies to make sure that are appropriate. Secondly, always wear a helmet. Also, always ski with a friend, know your limits, follow any rules of the resort and practice good skier etiquette. I loved my time at Winter Park Resort, even if my uninjured time was brief. I hope that this can help you be able to enjoy more time on the slopes than I did, but rest assured, if you do have an accident there, you will be in the very best of hands. Happy skiing!

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