Skiing and Snowboarding in New York

Monday August 11

Winter sports enthusiasts are drawn to the skiing and snowboarding opportunities which Lake Placid provides. There are other areas in upstate New York as well which can provide challenging and fun skiing and snowboarding, but Lake Placid is the grand-daddy of them all. You can choose from many different winter sport options on Let’s just see what the most famous one of the New York sites has to offer.

Lake Placid is well known for its skiing, both Alpine and Nordic. Whiteface Mountain, in nearby Wilmington about 13 miles from Lake Placid, offers skiing, hiking, gondola rides, and snowboarding. It is unique in that it is the only one of the High Peaks that can be reached via an auto road.

Back in the day before snowboarding was recognized as an official Winter Olympic Sport in 1998, there was often animosity between downhill skiers and snowboarders. Those days are long gone, and now both types of winter sports afficionados share the mountain with ease. With the growing popularity of events like the X-games, many ski resort areas have added official snowboard terrain to the choices participants have on the mountain. In fact, approximately 97% of all ski areas in North America and Europe allow snowboarding, and more than half have jumps, rails and half pipes for snowboarders to practice on.

Of course, you can still find many downhill or Nordic skiing options throughout the entire state of New York. Ski equipment rental places are plentiful throughout the northern upstate area. You will find all kinds of slopes for every level of skier from green circles to black diamond with challenging moguls. The cross-country trails are among some of the most pristine in the United States -- well-maintained and with lots of wildlife viewing to boot.

In summer, you can practice your snowboarding skills on any one of the water ramps available in New York. Just be sure to use the proper safety equipment and follow the rules of the ramp. Water ramps were initially invented to prevent road rash with training ski-jumpers or snowboarders. Now, though, they are a fabulous way to practice winter sports skills throughout the entire summer.

New York has more to offer than just midtown Manhattan and NYC. There is a world of winter sports areas, activities, and scenic beauty to be explored throughout the entire upstate area. See exactly what’s on offer by checking out a few of the listings on our web site

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