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Thursday June 26

Having fulfilled the thrills of over 36,000 elated skydive clients since becoming established in 1995, the expert team at Skydive Kansas has earned a reputation as a leading Midwest facility for turning the dreams of that first parachuting experience into reality.

 “We offer a wide range of skydiving services,” notes Jen Sharp, owner of Skydive Kansas,who made her first skydive at the age of 18. “That may include those seeking their first experience parachuting out of an airplane, students who are looking to get a skydiving license. seasoned jumpers, and we offer education programs from beginner to examiner level.”

“Even a person who makes just one jump is a skydiver,” Sharp observes. “It is a thrilling experience that shakes up someone’s perspective. There is something in a person’s life that motivates their decision to skydive. It may be a special celebration or a goal on their ‘bucket list.’ We are sensitive to their adventure into this life changing experience. We don’t simply provide a skydiving service, we are here to make sure that experience is very meaningful and fun.”

That first parachute experience at Skydive Kansas is made using a tandem or “buddy” jump method, where an experienced instructor is attached to the beginners back and guides them through the fall.

Sharp explains, “On the first jump, the student has a rip cord and an altimeter, so they enjoy the full skydiving experience, we are just there as back up. It only takes about 30 minutes of training to prepare for that first jump. Tandem jumping was designed to be a hands-on, learning experience. On the second jump, we are alongside the student, and they eventually make the jumps solo. It is a very, safe, fast way to learn skydiving skills.”

Skydive Kansas has an impeccable safety record, and have a seasoned staff of tandem instructors that possess from eight to 25 years of experience in the sport of skydiving. They are members of the United States Parachute Association (USPA), and have USPA and FAA certified instructors and staff. The huge facility, located in Osage City, which is approximately 30 minutes south of Topeka, is open weekends year around and on select weekdays during the summer.

“We offer discounts for people who schedule online ahead of time with a deposit,” Sharp notes. “We also offer to take digital photos and videos of their jump, and provide a CD with hi resolution photos and videos of the event.”

She adds, “Most people come away thinking their experience was great. Some want to do it again right away. But even if someone is only going to make just one jump, we are here to make sure that it is a great skydiving experience.”

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