Friday May 23

Does your “bucket list” include jumping out of an airplane?  It is the ultimate “leap of faith,” so keep in mind the sky is the limit at  Sky’s the Limit skydiving center in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.  Sky’s the Limit, the closest drop zone to New York City (75 miles away), is situated in the Pocono Mountains Southeastern Pennsylvania. Pocono means “stream between two mountains,” and the beautiful region encompasses 2,400 square miles of mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and woods full of opportunities for adventurers. When it is time to rise above it all, yes—the Sky’s the Limit!“Lots of people wake up one day and just want to do something fun,” Sara Mueller says.  Sara is a “Fun Jumper” who works at Sky’s the Limit, and she should know.  Several years ago, Sara and her boyfriend “jumped,” got hooked on the adrenaline rush, kept jumping, eventually attended flight school, and are now licensed skydivers.  “Once someone makes that first tandem jump,” Sara says, “they often ask, ‘How  can I learn to do it on my own?’”

 Tandem skydiving is a popular first jump method. It requires the least amount of training—after 30 minutes or so of instruction, you should be good  to go  You are attached to the front of your instructor’s (Tandem Master) harness by four industrial hooks. The two of you exit the plane,  then freefall—attached together—from 13,500 feet above the ground, allowing for about 60 seconds of freefall at about 120 miles per hour—plenty of time to relax and enjoy the skydive.  Yes, relax!  You are attached to a United States Parachute Association certified instructor who is dedicated to taking care of you and your safety. The Tandem Master deploys the parachute, and you float to the ground under the same huge canopy for about five or six minutes towards the landing area.  When skydiving at Sky’s the Limit, you can spend those precious minutes taking in spectacular views of the Poconos, the Delaware Water Gap and even the New York City skyline!  You can also watch your skydiving Video Master—right in front of you-- capturing every exciting moment!

Sky’s the Limit has four different aircraft, more than many other skydiving centers.  These planes can go higher, faster and carry more passengers.  The ride is comfortable, and it’s easy to join your friends for this big adventure!“Once people make a jump, they wonder what they were nervous about,” according to Sara Mueller.  “People come down with the biggest smile on their face!” 

Amelia Earhart proclaimed, “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”   Go for a thrilling adventure at Sky’s the Limit skydiving center in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

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