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Kayak & Canoe

Fun things to do in South Carolina

From plantations to golf courses, to wide open sea-breezes, South Carolina offers a wealth of possibilities to explore. .... Continue reading..

Fun-filled Charleston South Carolina

If you go to Charleston the first thing to do is go to one of the four visitor’s centers and get your souvenir passport. It will be a souvenir and you can get stamps when you visit the attractions which participate in the Charleston Explorer scheme..... Continue reading..

Mount Pleasant South Carolina is Truly Pleasant

Splash Island Water Park is a must to visit if you are in Mount Pleasant; it has a 200 feet slide and a 16 foot otter slide. .... Continue reading..

Myrtle Beach South Carolina- Not the Home of Moaning Myrtle

You can go parasailing, ride a banana boat or fun cycle and have a great time on the water. You have to remember to wear sun block though as it is really hot here in summer, and getting burned would spoil some of your vacation..... Continue reading..

Boating Adventure Safety

Any type of boater knows that it is important to keep an inventory of safety gear on board every boat..... Continue reading..

Charleston Women Parasails At The Age Of 96

There are so many Parasailing places in South Carlina that you will be happy with, it makes it difficult to choose one from the other..... Continue reading..

Laser Tag Tactics

Laser Tag is a blast whether you are playing indoors or outdoors..... Continue reading..

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