South Dakota

Rock Climbing in South Dakota

Saturday June 28

The Black Hills of South Dakota--paradise for adventurers. Imagine the views from summits with names like Cathedral Spires, Devil’s Tower, Ten Pins, Needle’s Eye and Mt. Rushmore.

When you’re ready to go the distance—straight up that is—Sylvan Rocks Climbing School and Guide Service in the Black Hills is the natural choice. The school was founded in 1989 by Susan Schierbeck, who wanted to create an environment that focused on fun while teaching the fundamentals of rock climbing. Sylvan Rocks Climbing School and Guide Service is the only guide service in the Black Hills that holds an accreditation from the American Mountain Guides Association, the foremost authority on guiding in the U.S.  Now, Daryl Stisser and his top-notch crew are eager to share the “vertical world,” and pass on the skills and techniques of rock climbing outdoors to beginning and experienced climbers. They’ll give you the tools to become a solid climber and enjoy a lifetime of adventure. With expert guides, you can spend precious vacation time summiting the granite spires, enjoying stunning vistas, snapping photos—and getting a great workout!
Sylvan Rocks Climbing School and Guide Service offers climbing options for every level of adventure seeker. Anyone can enjoy rock climbing with family and friends at their own level. Afraid of heights? That’s OK, it‘s one of the things that makes climbing so exciting. With education and proper equipment, that fear should be controllable. Sylvan Rocks will set you up with all equipment, instruction and everything you need to enjoy the climbing experience. Put on your helmet, strap on the ropes, look for the “steps” in the rock—and up you go—100, 200 maybe 300 feet!
You can choose your program at Sylvan Rocks. How long would you like to be out? The “Discover Climbing” adventure is the basic group course. For half a day you will be with other Sylvan Rocks guests, and focus on getting out “on the rocks.” The “6 Hour Rock Day” offers a personalized day of climbing—just you and your rock guide climbing at your level. The “8 Hour Guide Day” pairs you with a guide for the day. Guides will choose routes to match your ability for any of the programs.

Custer State Park is the first and largest state park in South Dakota with 71,000 beautiful acres of rocks, lakes, wildlife, hiking trails, lodges and cabins. Take an unforgettable trip. You’ll have a rockin’ good time!


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