Hunting Outfitters Tips

Tuesday August 12

If hunting is your adventure activity, it can be next to impossible to find a place to hunt, get the proper licenses, gather up all the gear, find the time, set up camp, and have a fantastic hunting experience. That’s where a hunting outfitter comes into the picture. Finding a hunting outfitter who can fulfil your particular needs and design your ideal hunting experience is easy when you keep a few basic thoughts in mind.

 When you start looking for a hunting outfitter you need to have your hunting experience idea in mind. After all, there is everything on the internet from African game safaris to whitetail deer hunting in the midwest to elk hunting in the Colorado rockies. It’s a good idea to have your ideal experience in mind and then try to match the hunting outfitter to your experience.
Once you have you experience in mind, it’s time to exercise those fingertips and see what’s on offer online. Check out the photos online, read the testimonials from clients, and maybe even send a “feeler” e-mail to see if the company is a good fit for your purposes. These can all be invaluable in finding the right outfitter to fulfil your hunting experience dreams.
Another great avenue for finding the ideal hunting outfitter is to go to outdoor shows and chat with the companies with display booths. Here are few ideas to bear in mind when strolling around the outdoors show. First, don’t judge the outfitter by their display of heads -- these may or may not have been hunted by them. Ask the outfitter what they think a quality hunt is made up of. Ask lots of questions and find out exactly what is covered in the experience - i.e. is lodging included? may you bring a guest? Also, find out if the outfitter provides preparation of the game animal once it is harvested and can they provide transportation of the meat to the locker?
Definitely talk to more than one outfitter. The beauty of an outdoor show is that there are many outfitters all gathered in the same place at the same time. Take advantage of that by talking with as many as possible. Bear in mind, though, that presenters may have been hanging out in the exhibition hall for quite some time, so they may be a little tired looking. However, asking courteous questions and having a dialogue is the way to lay a foundation for a great future hunt.
Most hunts that were unenjoyable are simply the results of miscommunication between what an oufitter has to offer and what the client expects. Asking questions costs nothing and is a great way to make sure your expectations are being met.

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