Wakeboarding Tricks

Friday July 25


Wakeboarding is a newer, energetic freestyle sport which is very similar to snowboarding and surfing. Just like with surfing and snowboarding, there is a separate lexicon or language, wakeboarding has its very own terms and slang to describe all of the various wakeboarding tricks. In successful wakeboarding, the more height you get, the more “pop.” The rider’s edge is very important in relation to the height of the jump as that is what will give you no only the “pop,” but the “snap” and “crackle” too.
When a wakeboarder is heading towards the wake with their chest facing the boat, this is known as a heelside edge. An approach from the other direction with the chest facing away from the boat is known as a toeside edge. Typically, beginner to intermediate riders will tend to have a much easier hitting the wake heelside as that comes more naturally to the rider. More advanced riders are able to hit the wake both heelside as well as toeside. A couple of the easier wakeboard tricks to master include: the Fashion Air -- a rider curls the board behind them towards their bottom while keeping their knees pointing down, arch their back and then throw their back hand up behind the head a la Madonna’s “Vogue” pose. More complicated wakeboarding tricks include grabs. The Japan is one of them. In this pose, the rider bends their legs, lifting the board up so that the front hand can easily grab the heel side of the board.
If you’re already an experienced snowboarder or skateboarder, then wakeboarding is truly the next vista to conquer. The water element makes it all the more exciting and interesting. Plus, it hurts a lot less to fall on water than when you take a spill on concrete or hard-packed snow. Why not see what other wakeboarding tricks you can learn, by trying some out for yourself? There are a number of fab wakeboarding parks at:

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