Bungee Jumping from Bridges

Thursday May 08


There are ample bungee jumping from bridges opportunities across the entire United States. After all, doesn’t everyone want to jump off of a 120 foot high bridge? Anyone who has participated in bridge bungee jumping wonders why more folks aren’t pursuing this kind of extreme leisure. Until you try it for yourself, you’ll never know or understand the exhilarating thrill and special sense of accomplishment experienced regularly by bridge bungee jumping. Bridge bungee jumping is a fabulous way to confront a fear of heights, or just experience the adrenaline rush of another unique adventure.
With bridge bungee jumping, the jumper is allowed to achieve much greater heights than bungee jumping from a raised platform or crane. It’s also an all day all outside adventure which puts you directly in touch with some of the most magnificent scenic bridges around the entire United States. With names like “The Bridge to Nowhere” in Southern California, the Pacifc Northwest Bridge in Washington state, and the Navajo Bridge which is located exactly 472’ above the roaring Colorado River, your thrill-seeking adrenalin rush will definitely get a new twist. And these are just the breathtaking bridge bungee jumping locations in North America; there’s much more worldwide. 
These are just a few of the excellent bridge bungee jumping packages on offer when you visit: There are as many custom options as there are levels of bungee bridge jumpers. Typical bridge bungee jumping packages offer as many as five bungee dives or jumps. You will be able to try out your own personal technique for: the swallow dive; back-diving; and even a jump off of the bridge railing. Plus, there are several different harness options to choose from which go from ankle harness to full body harnesses. See what’s on offer for any type of bridge bungee jumping experience, you’re sure to get the most exhilarating options when you see what’s on offer at

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