White Water Rafting Tips

White Water Rafting Tips

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White Water Rafting Tip - How Old?

Most white water rafting outfitters have special family trips available. Trips you can take children as young as four. Each particular river trip and outfitter has its own suggested age limits. Contact the individual white water company to find out suggested ages for their trips.

Fit and active seniors over 65 we recommend, as a first step, a class II paddleboat or oar boat trip. Depending on how this trip goes, you might want to try paddling a Class III river. Most healthy people of all ages, including spry folks in their 70's and 80's enjoy all the fun things to do rafting at all levels.

What To Expect On A White Water Rafting Trip

Your white water rafting adventure starts when you meet the trip leader at your predetermined rendezvous location and time. They will collect your release forms and distribute wetsuits, if you rented them from your outfitter. Next everyone will board the bus which will transport you to the “put in” where rafts await you on the river. At the “put in”, the white water rafting trip leader will give you a safety orientation. This is a crucial 20 to 30 minute discussion about how to be safe on the river. Then you'll head to your boat and shove off! Paddleboats typically seat six to eight people and a guide. On a paddleboat, the guide will give you further instruction on how to paddle once you are afloat and give you time to practice following his or her instruction. Then you will head downstream to have a trip of a lifetime!

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White Water Rafting Tip - No Expensive Video Equipment

We hightly discourage bringing video cameras, or even expensive still cameras, on white water rafting trips. Most customers bring disposable waterproof cameras, which work just fine. The quality of the pictures are reasonably good and if you lose your disposable camera, it's not a huge deal. If you do choose to bring a more expensive camera, you can protect it waterproof cases available in the retail market that fit many shapes and sizes. Many river trips also have professional photographers riverside, whose photos you can view and purchase after the white water rafting trip.

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