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What should I wear when I go zip-lining?

Check the local weather forecast for the area you are zip-lining in and dress accordingly. Remember that closed-toe shoes are REQUIRED for all weather conditions when you go zip-lining. If the weather is warm, wear comfortable clothing and bring a light jacket, fleece, or wind breaker. If is is cold, you may wish to have ski pants, a waterproof jacket, layers, snow or rain bots, gloves, hat, scart, neck warmer or balaclava, and/or ski goggles. Please do not wear any loose items such as necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. It is also advisable to remove any belly button piercings as you will be wearing a harness.

Are there any restrictions for zip-lining?

Age restrictions depend upon the type of tour. However, there are usually weight restrictions. Participants must be in good health, wear closed-toe shoes, and not be pregnant. If a zip line tour company has age restrictions -- such as age 12, they usually provide an alternate tour for children under age 12. All participants will be asked to sign a safety waiver before beginning their tour.

Is a zip-line safe?

There are industry standards which any zip line company must adhere to. The zip line course and equipment are inspected regularly to make sure that all safety standards are being met.

How does a zip-line work?

All zip-line tours begin with the participant being securely fastened in a climbing harness connected to the zipline trolley. The trolley is what propels you forward on the fligh of your life. A professional, well-qualified attendant will be there at the beginning to see you off and there is always an attendant at the end as well. That way, your take-offs and landings are completely safe.

How long are the tours?

Zipline tours can vary according to the length of the zipline itself. Shorter courses may last minutes to a half hour. Longer courses may take over three hours. Choose a tour which best fits your comfort level.

Is it okay to bring a camera with me?

Pictures are always encouraged. You may want to be prepared for the fact that you are high up and things like money or keys often fall out of pockets. The Zipline company is not responsible for the loss or damage of any of your belongings, so take the necessary precautions.

Are there any weather restrictions for ziplining?

Typically, no - ziplining can take place in rain, snow, or sunshine. Only in the event of extreme weather would a tour be cancelled. You may wish to call ahead to check the weather condition’s affect on ziplining.

Do I get my money back if I don’t finish the tour?

There are usually no refunds if you give up a tour midway. Choose your tour wisely and be respectful of your physical and mental limits.

How many people can go together on a zipline tour?

Up to eight people per tour can go; depending on the zipline facility. If you have a large group, you will all zip together. If not, however, you may be paired up with another small group of people and zip together.

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