Fun things to do in Pennsylvania

Wednesday August 06


The state of Pennsylvania is located in the Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It has several miles of coastline along Lake Erie and 57 miles of shoreline along the Delaware Estuary. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania also was one of the original 13 colonies and played a very major role in establishing the United States as an independent entity. In addition to its rich heritage of history in the United States, Pennsylvania offers a wide variety of outdoor adventure activities such as: ziplining, paintball, kayaking, whitewater rafting, hiking, biking, fishing, and even rock-climbing. 
Ricketts Glenn State Park is located in northeast Pennsylvania and contains the Falls Trail which goes through a beautiful hemlock and mountain laurel forest with 22 different waterfalls in it. It’s perfect for hiking or biking or even rock-climbing. Another great hiking area is the Alan Seeger Natural Area which has old growth hemlock, white pine, and rhodendron thickets. It’s also near Stone Valley which is a small lake with canoes to rent, a few hiking trails, and a nature center. It’s also close to Penn State which has all the amenities of any major college town such as a variety of cultural events, bars, and restaurants.
If you are someone who enjoys hunting and fishing more than the Poe Paddy State Park located along Penns Creek is one which is very well known for its fly fishing. It’s considered some of the best trout fishing in the U.S. east of the Rocky Mountains. If you are more of a hunter, than a fisher, there are plenty of elk in Pennsylvania with an easy permitting process and clear guidelines on the Pennsylvania elk hunting season. C’mon out East and take up some outdoor challenges in Pennsylvania.

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