Saturday May 31


The perfect location for a canopy zipline?  A scenic cove in the Blue Ridge Mountains just north of Asheville North Carolina home of Navitat Canopy Adventures.  The New York Times put Navitat on its “Must Do When in Asheville” list, and   USA Today called Navitat “One of the best in the nation.”


 Why?  “We are on 242 acres in a secluded mountain cove—a true wilderness experience,” says Navitat Marketing Director Abby Burt.  From a bird’s eye view, Navitat offers the opportunity to truly appreciate the environment of the Blue Ridge Mountains, one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. “Our tour is designed so that you see different plant ‘families’ along the way.  You  walk away with true knowledge of what the area is all about.”


Of course ziplines are a blast, but the folks at Navitat also highlight education, conservation and stewardship.   “Our canopy tour is 100% tree based,” explains Abby Burt.  It harkens back to the original zipline tours in Costa Rica, which served a true educational purpose in getting people into the forest.”  There is a full-time ecologist on staff   to train all guides and make sure that Navitat Canopy Adventures  stays “green.”  Abby Burt is emphasizes, “We are committed to making sure that when we build, we do so in the least invasive way.  We want to leave the land better than we found it!”


When the Navitat Guides say, “You are clear to zip,” passengers will discover a unique combination of exhilaration, concentration and observation.  The course includes 10 ziplines ranging from 120 to 1100 feet in length and up to 200 feet off the ground.  There are two rappelling experiences, two suspended bridges, and three short hikes.  Best of all—awesome views of the mountains, the trees and the wildlife. Two well-trained guides lead up to 8 people on an unforgettable 3/12 hour tour. 


Navitat Canopy Adventures also offers “Navitat at Night” every Saturday.  “Zippers” can travel the course by lamplight under the moon, the stars and the watchful eyes of the many owls!  For even more thrills, Navitat  plans  to  open a “Mountaintop Adventure” in 2013.


The perfect location and  destination for a canopy zipline?  Navitat Canopy Adventures in Asheville, North Carolina.


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