Zip and Dip Zipline in Southeast Missouri

Friday April 25

Drive about one hour south of St. Louis’ Gateway Arch and head 13 miles south of Farmington, Missouri. You’ll be out of the big city and into country with plenty of activities guaranteed to satisfy your adventure loving soul. Look for the Off-Sets in Mine LaMotte, a centuries old mining quarry that features 50’+ deep water and 50’+ high cliffs. The Off-Sets has been a popular swimming, diving and cave diving spot for years, but recently, the addition of Zip and Dip Zipline Adventures has considerably ramped up the fun factor!

Zip and Dip Zipline Adventures promises some of the best thrills in Southeast Missouri. Start in the forest, harness up, then glide 1000 feet across the water into a cave. Explore the cave, climb out, hike up the steps and zip 900 feet back—whew! Zipping 90 feet above the water, you can truly enjoy the view-- looking down at cliffs, caves, and other happy people enjoying calmer pursuits like swimming, floating in an inflatable tube, scuba diving or hanging out with family and friends. Zip and Dip Zipline Adventures owner Mark Wells emphasizes that the zipline is a challenge course, and safety comes first. Thrill seekers are taught how and when to brake and how to navigate the course successfully.

The trained and friendly staff at Zip and Dip Zipline Adventures strives to make sure that everyone who visits—singles, families and folks of all ages, has a safe and exhilarating experience.
Zip and Dip Zipline Adventures also offers primitive camping in a natural environment. Firewood, ice and air mats are available. They’re open seven days a week and cash, credit or debit cards are accepted.

Find nearby lodging in Ironton at the Dragonfly Bed and Breakfast (run by Mark’s sister Linda) with its trails for hiking and biking. Also nearby, take in the scenery at Elephant Rocks State Park, or canoe, kayak or fish in the Black River. The area also boasts several wineries if you’d like to take the edge off the adrenaline rush that you are sure to get when checking out all of the great adventures in Southeast Missouri.



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